How to Choose Best Ads Format

If you are confusing about what best ads format to advertise with Flaz Link,  here are some advice maybe can help:

1. Banner

If you have a good Banner,  eye catching,  high click interest,  so this is the best choice. We provide only banner views to be counted per 1,000 visits from the rate, we do not guarantee the amount of clicks. 

It all depends on your creativity to attract our visitors to your banners. You may choose 3 of banner size: 728X90, 468X60 and 336X280.

2. Interstitial

This is made for a Good Landing Page, if you need conversion,  this is the best format, while people have to see your website for 10-15 seconds per visit, and they all are unique per 24 hours.

Our intertitial can't view a redirect url,  so please use only landing page for the best result. 

3. Pop Up

Some visitors will close them immediately,  but Flaz Link will do the best to protect our site from AdBlocker,  so if you need to have more views to your website/blog,  this is the Best Choice. 

Published on: 3/30/19, 5:27 PM