YouTube Voice Search Technology is Not Good for Children!

During this time the children began to be trained to learn from YouTube, learning to singing, dancing, painting, coloring, writing and reading. However, with YouTube voice, now children begin to abandon the habit of recognizing numbers and letters.

This is very important, because it is so easy to find something on the internet just by saying something to the search engine, it will come out according to the keywords in the query.

Thus children will be lazy to learn to read, so, will our future children not be familiar with letters and numbers because they cannot type or write them?

We recommend that YouTube and all types of search engines on the Internet immediately consider this, or at the very least, there is an option where adults can determine the latest YouTube application to use voice search or  to disable it.

Indeed,  this will facilitate the work for adult people and make everything easier, but, have you ever think that we will be more difficult and will work hardest if the Children can not write and read when they become older.

This will make children become laziest to study,  even they go to the school everyday, because they have everything easy to do in the house. 

Published on: 1/6/19, 10:44 PM